Welcome To TwoGirlsandaBottleofWine.com!!

Hello and welcome to the website for Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine.  We are a podcast that was created in 2012.  Since our creation we have gone through many changes.  We started in the basement, moved to a studio and then came back to the basement.  We have much more fun in the basement!

Each week our host, Janet Blair, sits down with a a co-host.  Each co-host is different and fabulous in a variety of ways.  We are always open to adding new co-hosts.  As long as you are available to stop by the studio basement on Monday or Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. to chat, you will be considered.  Just email us at twogirlsandabottleofwine@gmail.com.

We are open to discussing anything you want to hear about, so send in your recommendations right away.


Just because we have a website, doesn’t mean you can’t find us in our usual places.  Here are the places where you can find Two Girls and a Bottle of Wine. 










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