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Here is a few of the highlights as listed on  Who is ready for a wild summer?

Most Watercooler-Worthy Moments From The Big Brother Premiere
1. Clay makes all the girls sweat.
Grab the SPF because this summer is about to get hot. Shelli and Da’Vonne could hardly contain their excitement when this smokin’ Texan walked into the house, and we can’t say we blame them—did you see those abs?
2. Audrey shares her journey.
During the introductions, Audrey told the other Houseguests she’s transgender, and the reaction was overwhelmingly supportive.
3. James wins first HoH.
4. Jace has a hard time dealing with the twist(s).
This skater boy could hardly contain himself when Julie announced this season’s weekly Takeover twist. While his reaction was hilariously dramatic, he’d better get used to the surprises. After all, this is Big Brother. You never know what’s going to happen next!
5. Did an alliance form already?
With the introductions out of the way, the girls separated themselves from the guys and things got serious. After hinting that they’d make a strong team, Shelli, Da’Vonne, and Audrey talked about forming a secret alliance. But where was Meg?
6. Austin’s two sides.
Move over, man bun, ’cause Austin’s setting an all-new trend. This pro wrestler knows the best way to keep a wild beard from interfering with your workout is to tie it up in a neat little ponytail. Who knew facial hair could be so… fashionable?
7. Da’Vonne lies about being a teacher.
8. And… twins!
You already knew to expect the unexpected in the Big Brother house, but did you know things would get this unpredictable? Who’re the twins, and will the Houseguests be able to distinguish who’s who? We don’t know, but we do hope to hear a lot of “And… twiiiiiiiins” all summer long!
Most Watercooler-Worthy Moments From BB17 (Ep. 2)
1. Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race enter the house.
2. Liz swoons over Clay.
Liz is the newest member in the Clay Fan Club. This Miami girl barely had a chance to let her sunscreen soak in before basking in Mr. Honeycutt’s hotness.
3. Jace starts making up new words.When speaking about Colorado he uses the word “Rado”.
4. Vanessa keeps her poker past a secret from the other Houseguests.
Vanessa makes millions of dollars by bluffing, so it’s probably in her best interest to keep her gambling life a secret from the other Houseguests. After all, every great poker player knows you don’t throw all of your chips in at once.
5. Houseguests ditch their baes in hopes of a potential showmance.
Watch out, BB17, ’cause Liz is on the prowl. After dumping her latest fling, she’s ready to heat things up with a little summer lovin’. Girl has a point, too: You’re only on Big Brother once, so get your flirt on!.
6. Some Houseguests were noticeably more excited than others…
Jace could hardly contain himself after Liz announced she’s open to a little showromance. Plus, he later revealed he also broke things off with someone prior to joining the cast. Could these two wind up sharing more than just breakup stories? Only time will tell…
7. Everyone has a hard time believing Johnny Mac is a dentist.
Poor Johnny. No one believes he’s actually a dentist—especially Da’Vonne. While we’re not sure exactly what a “dentist vibe” is, we’re guessing it doesn’t involve ridiculously high energy and terrible volume control.
8. Jason hangs on tight to win HoH.
Who would’ve thought the smallest Houseguest would ultimately reign supreme? Guess all the muscles in the world have nothing on Jason’s fantastic attitude and outrageous dedication to the game. If he keeps this up, he’ll be stocking his bank account—not grocery aisles—with fat stacks of paper. But he couldn’t have come out on top without cutting a deal, promising Jackie he wouldn’t put her on the block if she conceded to let the aliens take her away. Will he stay true to his word? Will they create an alliance, or will this deal backfire?
9. A surprise is in store for Vanessa and Da’Vonne, who both sat out of the HoH competition.
Both Da’Vonne and Vanessa took a big risk when they volunteered to sit out of the HoH competitions, knowing the decision could either work in their favor or blow up in their faces. Thankfully for these ladies, Phil was impressed by their strategies and promised to reward them for their bold choices. What will their surprise be, and will it actually help these girls’ game?



Chris Mahoney

Chris Mahoney